At Bob Group, we believe in making ecommerce accessible to everyone, so that all South Africans can buy, sell and achieve their goals online.

We aim to connect, empower and support people to positively change their lives through ecommerce; ecommerce that’s so reliable, simple and trustworthy, everyone can participate and benefit!


We are creating an ecommerce ecosystem – a space where entrepreneurs can grow when they’re given the tools and services they need to succeed online.

Bob Shop

Bob Shop is an online marketplace and auction platform.

Bob Pay

Bob Pay is a simple way for South African merchants to get paid. Add payments to your website with ease using our developer-friendly tools.

Bob Go

Bob Go is an ecommerce tool built to streamline order fulfilment and shipping processes.

Bob Box

Bob Box is a nationwide smart locker and counter solution for secure, convenient and confidential shipments and collections.

Ship Logic

Ship Logic is a shipping software solution that revolutionises the way parcels are delivered.

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