Cracking the code: What to look out for in your next tech job

If you’re in tech or looking to jump in, what should you look for in a potential employer? You’d probably want fun and challenging tasks and feel like you’re making an impact.

Plus, being recognised always feels great. Especially in a place that really values tech geeks like us!

One of the most satisfying aspects of working in the technology sector is that you are able to shape tomorrow and influence how we chat, work, have fun, and shop.

So how does Bob Group handle the professional development of their software developers? Cornel Rautenbach, Head of Technology at Bob Group says, “Life at Bob Group is all about keeping our tech fresh and our software developers feeling fulfilled and energised. We use modern programming languages, paired with cloud infrastructure to deliver awesome and scalable software.”

Modern technology

Bob Group uses Go (and a bit of Java) as their primary backend technology, which is all about simplicity and speed.

For the frontend and mobile application technologies, they make extensive use of the very popular React and React Native. This all runs on scalable and feature-rich AWS infrastructure.

“We have found that modern technology is what often excites and motivates developers the most. Things move fast and are dynamic, which, contrary to old legacy systems, keep things interesting”, Cornel said.

Collaboration and learning

At Bob Group, teamwork is huge. Brainstorming sessions, peer code reviews and frequent “Code and Coffee” sessions all ensure a space to learn, grow, and thrive.

It’s more than just coding; it’s a community. Rooted in South Africa, they’re big on diversity and inclusion. They value open chats, whether it’s a Slack message or a coffee break chat.

Everyone learns from each other, making the whole crew smarter and stronger.

Having fun

Yes, Bob Group is a technology company, and the organisation takes pride in being able to say that. But Bob Group is also a people enterprise.

As well as being a great place to code, it’s a place where you can belong, and actually enjoy what you do.


Flexibility is a big part of the appeal, including a hybrid work model with room for working from home, and flexible leave and working hours.

Every Bob Cat gets one four-day work week each month (with the Friday off), plus regular team events and cake days – not to mention great house coffee.

As a Bob Cat, you’ll get to grow professionally – but your welfare and personal development will also always be a priority. If you believe in tech that puts people first, you could well be the next Bob Cat.

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