Bob Shop
affiliate programme

Unlock additional earnings by joining Bob Shop’s affiliate programme! Whether you’re buying or selling, this is your gateway to extra income.

The programme

Imagine getting rewarded for recommending a fantastic shop to your friends. That’s exactly what the Bob Shop affiliate programme is like – a networking opportunity that lets you earn money by connecting people with Bob Shop. Simply direct them to our website through your own site, a link, or URL. When they make a purchase, you receive a commission. It’s that straightforward!

The more referrals you generate, the greater your rewards in our tiered scale system. Affiliates receive compensation based on three criteria:

  1. A fee per Confirmed Registered User* (tiered scale).  
    A Confirmed Registered User is one that registers and places a bid within 60 days.
  2. A fee per click resulting directly in a bid.
  3. A fee per user signing up for a bobshop Selling Seminar.

Monthly active registration tiers

Fee earned per user:

1 – 19 users: R40.00
20 – 49 users: R50.00
50 – 249 users: R60.00
250 – 499 users: R70.00
500 – 999 users: R80.00
1000+ users: R100.00

Monthly bid

Fee earned per bid:

1 – 249 bids: R0.40
250 – 999 bids: R0.50
1000 – 4999 bids: R0.60
5000 – 9999 bids: R0.80
10000+ bids: R1.00


Fee earned per user:


The user must pay the full fee and attend a Bob Shop Selling Seminar

All Bob Shop registered users can start using the affiliate programme.

If you’re not a registered user, get a username and password by registering as a bidder on Bob Shop and agree to the Bob Shop affiliate terms and conditions.

To be a partner in our partner programme, you must agree and adhere to the partner programme terms and conditions, as well as the Bob Group privacy policy.